Saturday, 26 May 2018

Health & Fitness

Parineeti Chopra says I’ve no pressure to look a certain way

Parineeti Chopra

BOLLYWOOD actor Parineeti Chopra made headlines for her drastic weight loss, some praising her for her commitment to a healthy lifestyle while others criticised her for sending out a problematic message about body image. But the actress says she pays no heed to people talking. . “You can’t always pay ...

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Most depressing day of the year – BLUE MONDAY – what can you do


The fun and frivolities of the holiday season have faded, purse strings are tightened as pay day seems further away than usual and, as if that wsn’t bad enough, it’s raining. These are some of the different factors which have resulted in Monday, January 15, being dubbed the most depressing day ...

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UK bans manufacture of products containing microbeads


  LONDON: A UK-wide ban on the manufacture of products containing microbeads has come into force today (9 January) – a “landmark step” in the introduction of one of the world’s toughest bans on these harmful pieces of plastic. Environment Minister Thérèse Coffey has announced that manufacturers of cosmetics and ...

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Facial yoga can make you look younger

Facial yoga 1

Yoga has been a popular as an exercise and for overall well-being of the body. It has been extensively practised and loved by celebrities and people all over the world. As yoga evolves further, facial yoga has also been developed. It is a series of exercises that promise to do for ...

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The effects of sexsomnia


Sleep; a time for relaxation, peace and rejuvenation, orelaxationr, a time for sex! But how can a person engage in sex when asleep? Well, turns out, a person can. Sleep sex is not a myth; it is a real condition and is termed as sexsomnia. Where you may have heard ...

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Improve sleep quality by opening doors and windows


A new study in Netherlands suggested that leaving a bedroom door or window open may help people sleep better. Open windows and doors helped reduce carbon dioxide levels and improve ventilation and air flow, which was related to better sleep quality for the healthy young adults in the study. “We ...

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Marks and Spencer is selling half calories wine

Sumika WINE

LONDON: If you love wine but you are also watching your weight, high street giants Marks and Spencer has launched a bottle of wine that has 50% less calories. Weight-watching wine-lovers will be able to enjoy guilt-free glasses of Sumika Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz and Rosé. The £7.50 vino contains only ...

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Rise in number of pregnant women smoking heavily


The risk of babies being born earlier or at a lower birth weight has not fallen in one of the country’s main maternity hospitals because so many pregnant women are continuing to smoke heavily, a new study reveals. The risk of babies being born earlier or at a lower birth ...

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Drinks industry distorts alcohol cancer risk: scientists


LONDON: The alcohol industry uses denial, distortion, and distraction to mislead people about the risks of developing cancer from drinking, often employing similar tactics to those of the tobacco industry, a study said on Thursday. Drinks industry organizations often present the relationship between alcohol and cancer as highly complex, implying there is ...

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Swiss confectioners invent a new kind of chocolate


LONDON: Switzerland, a country famed for its services to chocolate, has unveiled a new iteration of the sweet stuff called “Ruby”. The pink hued chocolate, launched Tuesday, is the fourth type ever to be created and comes 80 years after the launch of White chocolate. Barry Callebaut, the chocolatiers behind ...

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