Wednesday, 25 April 2018


Dutch supermarket introduces plastic-free aisle

plastic-free aisle

Ekoplaza is set to become world’s first plastic-free supermarket in Amsterdam.  It is claiming to go on without plastic on over 700 of its grocery items including rice, meat, dairy, chocolate, sauces, fruits, cereals, vegetables and chocolates.  Instead of plastic, customers will be able to buy those groceries in glass, ...

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BoE chief says Cryptocurrencies are failing as money

Cryptocurrencies bitcoin

LONDON: Cryptocurrencies are failing as a form of money and have shown classic signs of being a financial bubble, requiring regulators to protect consumers and stop their use for illegal activities, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said today. Carney did not call for a ban on cryptocurrencies such as ...

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Japan’s jobless rate at lowest in nearly 25 years

Japan jobless

TOKYO: Japan’s jobless rate stood at 2.4 percent in January, the lowest in nearly 25 years, official data showed Friday, a major boost for the world’s third-largest economy. The figure – the lowest since April 1993 when the rate hit 2.3 percent — comes as Japan has notched up eight ...

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Big Freeze Stretches UK Gas Supplies


(Image: Getty) LONDON: National Grid has issued a warning it may not have enough gas to meet UK demand today as the cold snap continues. It is in response to a series of “significant supply losses resulting in a forecast end of day supply deficit”. Big businesses and industry that ...

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Bill Gates Says Bitcoin has Caused Deaths

Bill Gates

NEW YORK: Microsoft founder Bill Gates criticised the anonymity of cryptocurrencies during a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” session on Tuesday, even going so far as to suggest that their use in the illicit drugs trade has directly caused death. “The main feature of crypto currencies is their anonymity,” he said. ...

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California to allow self-driving cars on road

Driverless cars

CALIFORNIA: Driverless cars will be tested in California for the first time without a person behind a steering wheel under new rules that state regulators approved Monday for the fast-developing technology. The regulations are a major step toward getting autonomous vehicles to dealerships and onto the streets of California, where ...

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Norway’s 2018 inflation seen at 2 pct


OSLO: Norwegian inflation is forecast to accelerate in 2018 to 2.0 percent for the year from 1.8 percent in 2017, a publicly appointed commission said on Monday, pointing to higher wage growth in the coming year. With members from labour unions, employers’ federations and Statistics Norway, the commission is a ...

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Google launched its own job search engine


MOUNTAIN VIEW: Google’s mission is to steer people to the information they need in their daily lives. One crucial area the Internet giant says could use some work: Jobs. So Google is launching a new initiative, Google for Jobs, that includes a feature in search that collects and organizes millions ...

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Lidl recall Easter eggs over labelling fears


LONDON: Lidl has issued a recall for one of its Easter egg products over fears of “unsafe” labelling. The supermarket giant has ordered the removal of Favorina Dip chocolate eggs, because the labels don’t list allergens in English. The German discount chain ordered the removal of the eggs with a best ...

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Trump announces tough North Korea sanctions, China protests

shipping companies

BEIJING/WASHINGTON: China has protested against Washington’s decision to impose sanctions against Chinese companies accused of conducting illicit economic deals with North Korea, the foreign ministry said. US President Donald Trump on Friday announced measures targeting more than 50 North Korea-linked shipping companies, vessels and trade businesses, hailing the package as ...

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