Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Azad’s new song takes us back to the swinging ’60s

film Azad

LOLLYWOOD: Rehan Sheikh is bent on keeping the mystery around his debut film Azad.

While the film’s latest trailer tells us nothing more than the existence of ‘a contract’ between long-lost… friends?… acquaintances?… lovers?, its new song ‘Tehriye Hazoor’ also reveals little about the film’s plot except what we already know: Rehan Sheikh’s character Azad is a radio jockey.

Touted as the dance number of the film, ‘Tehriye’ features Azad immersed in a reverie as a club singer, played by vocalist Schumaila Hussain, serenades him. Veteran actor Salman Shahid is also seen in the video as a trumpet player. The song has a bluesy jazz vibe that takes us back to the ’60s.

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