Thursday, 23 January 2020

Arshad Warsi calls Sara Loren ‘fraud’

BOLLYWOOD: Pakistani actress Sara Loren is all set to make her Bollywood comeback with Arshad Warsi in ‘Fraud Saiyaan’, who surprisingly claims of not being aware that his heroin is in fact Pakistani.

Sara has already been facing difficulties in promoting the film due to cross border tension. The actress wanted to promote her movie in India but she has been denied Indian visa multiple times due to the rising tension between the both nations.

When Warsi was asked about his co-star’s wish to come to India to promote their movie and being unable to do so because of the ban on Pakistani artistes, he revealed that while shooting he was unaware about her being Pakistani. “She is a fraud!” he said laughing. “I always thought that she was from Muscat because I think I asked her once, she told me she was from somewhere there. So, I was like, oh, okay. So, I didn’t even know that,” he told Zoom TV.

It has been reported that the actress’ visa request has been denied thrice in a row but she is still hoping to join her team before the film releases. “I hope it [her Indian visa] happens before the 18th January [Fraud Saiyaan’s release date] because if she gets a visa for the 19th, it’s pointless,” he added.

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