Thursday, 6 August 2020

Arjun Rampal trolled for riding ‘luxury car’ in rains

BOLLYWOOD: Heavy rainfall in Mumbai saw roads in the Indian city inundated with water due to continuous rainfalls. Actor Arjun Rampal shared the situation of the roads showing the waterlogged streets of Mumbai and expensive, luxury cars failing to move through the water.

“Only Indian cars survive in this weather. Be safe. Drive Indian,” Arjun had captioned the post which showed a Mercedes trying to cross a flooded road. The actor himself uses a luxury Range Rover and was trolled by a fan for using a luxury car.

One Instagram user commented, “What rubbish bro so you also stop using Range Rover and buy a Maruti Alto.” Arjun had the perfect reply lined up, “Took the video from my Alto,” he said.


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