Monday, 22 January 2018

Ali Sethi tribute to Mehdi Hassan’s ‘Ranjish Hi Sahi’

Ali Sethi

LAHORE: Ali Sethi has a beautiful voice, and I’m sure everyone agrees because those who don’t, well, maybe they’re deaf.

Have you seen his performance in Coke Studio this year?

You really should. His soulful voice is so beautiful it literally gave us goosebumps.

We don’t vouch for the glitter coat too much, but everything else was just ABSOLUTELY perfect.

A must-have in your car, this rendition to the Ghazal is amazing: it still has the soul from the past, and you see a glimpse of ‘Mehdi Hassan’ in it. It also has the ‘Ali Sethi’ feel to it, and the softness of his voice and ‘lehja’.

WE ARE SO IN LOVE! The best part is: there isn’t even any collaboration-he did it all by himself.

He truly is one of a kind.

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