Monday, 23 July 2018

British Museum reveals secrets of ancient Assyrian ruler

Ashurbanipal hunting on horseback, Nineveh, Assyria, 645 – 635 BC.  (Courtesy British Museum)
Stone stele depicting Ashurbanipal, right, shown with a ritual basket on his head with cuneiform inscription, South Iraq, Marduk temple (Babylon), 668BC – 665BC. His brother Shamash-shumu-ukin, left, carved with cuneiform inscription, South Iraq, Temple of Nabu (Borsippa), 668BC – 655BC.  (Courtesy British Museum)
Granite sphinx of Taharqo, Kawa, Sudan.  (Courtesy British Museum)



Exhibition on King Ashurbanipal reveals treasures from the 7th-century kingdom that stretched across northern Iraq and eastern Mediterranean.

Director of the British Museum Hartwig Fischer: “This exhibition will bring visitors face to face with a king whose reign shaped the history of the ancient world.” 

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